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Hold On A Sack Subscription

Hold On A Sack Subscription

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Give the boys the comfort they deserve with our Hold On A Sack Technology 

How does it work?

This is a subscription meaning you set the frequency of how often you want to be sent underwear and we automatically send them. As men we never think to buy ourselves new underwear and this solves that issue! Trust us when we say that once you comfort the sack you will never go back.

No more flapping about, no sticking to legs... Just. Pure. Comfort

Don't get us wrong, traditional underwear is great but unfortunately it just doesn't really give that good hold on a sack feeling. Like a joey in his mothers pouch your fellas will never have known comfort and security like it.

For those of you that are scared to take the plunge don't worry we were once in your position too. As men we aren't often used to such great amounts of support or luxury and it can be a little daunting.

Just hold on a sack, take a breath and go for it. 

How does it work?

Our Hammock 3.0 underwear contain a pouch that works as a hammock for the boys downtown. Not only is this very practical as everything is held together in one place without flapping about and sticking to your leg, it also provides great amounts of comfort.

Materials & Features

Only the best and most premium of materials are used when making our underwear. This is a luxury product for the fellas downstairs so anything less than the best would be a diservice.

As you may be able to tell we take great pride in what we sell and are really proud of it. This is why!

All our Hammocks are and include the following features:

- Breathable pouch

- Antibacterial

- Anti-static

- Sustainable

- Quick Dry

- Seamless

Care information

All our products are machine washable and quick dry for your convienice.

All we ask is you give back the same care and protection the Hammock gives you

Delivery Information

We offer a choice of delivery services which include:

Standard Delivery (2-3 Working days) - £1.99

Express Delivery (1-2 Working Days) - £2.99

Free delivery on all orders over £20

We use Royal Mail to send our orders so are subject to their delivery times

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Just Hold On a Sack

At HOAS we care more than just about your Crown Jewels... We care about your Royal Staff as well. This is why our The Ball Hammock is the perfect place to rest the trio that is your Royal Family.

Gone are the days of just hanging there with no support, or worse being stuck to a leg, or for the lucky well endowed few of us flapping about like an elephants trunk.